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TextBuster® is a device that prevents drivers from accessing text, email and Internet functions while driving. It does not interfere with inbound and outbound calling. The firmware technology behind TextBuster® sends a blocking signal to the user’s phone automatically, every time the user enters the vehicle.

TextBuster® will not interfere with any other hands-free or Bluetooth items in the vehicle. It is a patent-pending device that will disable the data functions to the driver’s phone only while inside the vehicle without interfering with inbound and outbound calls. It includes two components, the mobile app, which is a free download, and a small “brain box” that is mounted under the dash, out of the way.

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When it comes to child behavior, there are always going to be times where they backtalk, do not do what they are asked and simply act out of line. This is just part of being a child. However, when these conditions are more severe, parents are going to find out that some of these behavioral conditions are more serious than they might think. Due to this, parents need to know what the different behavioral problems are and look over the child behavior checklist released today by NoBullying.

There are different disorders and issues arising with children, some are severe and some are not. The key here is to learn to differentiate and seek help when needed.

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